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Education and Certifications

Master’s Degrees

The Won Institute of Graduate Studies, Division of Applied Meditation Studies, Valedictorian

Villanova University, Villanova School of Business, Honor’s Society


Bachelor’s Degree

University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Cum Laude, Honor’s Society, Gold Key Award



Certified Life Coach

Certified Hypnotist

Certified Hypno Coach

Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

Certified Reiki Master

(many other mind-body health certifications)

Mindfulness Training and Experience

Thomas Jefferson University Health System, The Mindfulness Institute (completed all advanced teacher training equivalent to certification)

 - Practicum, Supervision Classes, Teacher Training Intensive Workshops, Internship


University of Pennsylvania, Penn Program for Mindfulness

 - Practicum, Co-Teaching Training (also taught for the Penn Program)

eMindful, Inc. 

- Director of Teachers and Mindfulness Instructor, for several years, for a company that offers on-line mindfulness training and classes to employees of large corporations and select offerings to the public. 


Personal Pursuits...

- My greatest joy is hiking with my Rhodesian Ridgebacks

- I love traveling to new places

- Going anywhere with warm aqua blue water

- I still find meditation practice fascinating

- Listening to live music in small venues

- Swimming with wild and free dolphins

- Learning about the subconscious mind and unified physics

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