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"Whatever you are doing with my husband.... oh my goodness... it is WORKING!!!!!!  I was kind of skeptical - just because that's how I am.  AND WOW this has been amazing to watch.  His whole outlook is right on. His career is TAKING OFF!  His boss LOVES him even more now.  He's the happiest he's EVER been.  It's awesome to experience and I THANK YOU!!!!"

                                                                                The Grateful Wife

"When I began working with Maria, I was at a professional crossroads and was personally burned out. Maria quickly helped me to quiet the noise and find clarity through several goals that guide me, both personally and professionally. I am amazed at how quickly I have been able to find greater purpose beyond the crossroads that I faced several months ago."        
                                                                                                  Carrie Moore, Enterprise IT Strategist

“Maria really helped me tap into a higher level of consciousness, on critical issues that were stirring deep within my soul. Her excellent business experience combined perfectly with a holistic approach to understanding my immediate challenges and was carried out in the most pleasurable and enjoyable manner. The coaching package was the best gift I ever received, and I think everyone would benefit from working with Maria.            Adrian Stanley, VP of Global Business Development Digital Science,

                                                                                                       and President for the Society for Scholarly Publishing



My name is Maria Fanelli.  For most of my adult life, I have been fascinated with how we can create the very best versions of ourselves. By that I mean, how can we truly reach our dreams, express our unique talents and live our ideal life.  I have found that it is all possible! I have spent the last 30 years learning everything I could about how to overcome the barriers and blocks that hold people back from living their life more fully, how to minimize stress and be more present, how to be more successful at work, and how to manifest an ideal life.

As a seasoned mindfulness instructor, life coach and mind-body health educator, I teach clients how to clarify and cultivate a forward path to their goals. With a little education and focused practice, I find clients transform quickly.  

If you are ready to live a richer and more fulfilling life with less stress, living with enhanced awareness and a greater connection to life, then I invite you to work with me. All of my coaching is conveniently available on-line or by phone and I offer a free 1/2 hour initial consultation to see if coaching with me is right for you. 

Find out if coaching with Maria is right for you!
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