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Maria Fanelli,
Mindfulness, Stress Management and Mind-Body Health Educator and Coach

Endless busy days, responsibilities at work and at home, not enough balance, anxiety, worry, in need of self-care, wanting better healthy habits and some miraculous cure to stop the aging process.

This was my life. I was trying to keep up with everything, do a great job at work, do a great job at home, take care of myself and take care of others, and it seemed like I was in a whirlwind. I had a great career and a pretty good life, and yet I felt in many ways that life was quickly passing me by.

I wanted to feel happier and more fulfilled and way less stressed. I wanted to perform better at work, have more energy and focus, and feel more alive. When I started having panic attacks, it was a real sign my mind and body were out of balance. My nervous system was breaking down, a classic sign of prolonged stress.

After one panic attack, I was near my physician’s office and thought I should seek some help. The physician prescribed Valium. Really? This is the answer? I thought. And yet, many of my colleagues and friends also had prescriptions for similar anti-anxiety/anti-depressant medications. I realized that almost everyone I knew was stressed out.

I didn’t fill the prescription, but I did set off on a journey to not only overcome stress but also to find a way to excel at work and enjoy life fully. I knew it had to be possible. Running on the hamster wheel of life could not be it.

I found mindfulness and meditation methods that worked for me, and I went on to study mindfulness and meditation in depth, even graduating with a Master’s degree in Applied Meditation Studies. I also studied many other mind-body health alternatives. In fact, I went so far as to travel to the Amazon to study with renowned Shaman healers. This in itself was quite extraordinary, as I used to have a flying phobia! So I knew this stress management stuff was really working.

I also completed many practitioner courses and certifications from some of the most well respected teachers in mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, nutrition, hypnosis, unified physics, natural remedies, and more.

I am living an incredible life now. My health is excellent, I feel vibrant and youthful, I am more productive than ever, I have balance, I am enjoying my life and making sure the things that are most important to me are priorities in my life and get my full attention. I have traveled to amazing places around the world, fulfilling my dreams, and I am feeling excited about life.

Stress is a killer. It contributes to premature aging and it holds people back from living their full potential. The good news is, I’m living proof that stress can be significantly lowered—while the rest of your life is made amazingly better.

I would love to be your guide to decreasing stress and living life more fully. My thorough understanding of these methods allows me to create simple, practical, and effective programs for you to follow. You’ll begin to experience benefits quickly—with some fun along the way.

I offer educational videos, which you will receive by email by signing up at my website, and an online course that opens a few times a year that includes coaching. I have already taught thousands of people this approach to stress management and life fulfillment, and I invite you to join me to find your own true path to happiness, less stress, and an enhanced, positive way of living and enjoying life.


Educational Credentials:

Master’s Degrees

  • The Won Institute of Graduate Studies, Division of Applied Meditation Studies, Valedictorian
  • Villanova University, Villanova School of Business, Honor’s Society

Bachelor’s Degree

  • University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Cum Laude, Honor’s Society, Gold Key Award

Additional Mindfulness Training

  • Thomas Jefferson University Health System, The Mindfulness Institute
  • Practicum, Supervision Classes, Teacher Training Intensive Workshops, Internship
  • University of Pennsylvania, Penn Program for Mindfulness
  • Practicum, Co-Teaching Training

Mind-Body Health Certifications:

  • Master Reiki Practitioner
  • Cancer Support Educator
  • Plant Based Nutrition
  • Bach Flower
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Hypnosis
  • Hypo Coaching
  • Bio Energy Healing

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